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What Causes Plaque?

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The accumlation of dental tartar can end up causing serious health problems for the patient. This article explores what tartar is, how it is formed, and what the most effective treatments for its elimination are.

How Does Tartar Form?

The plaque in the mouth is a thin protective layer prevents bacteria cause tooth decay or gum problems. To eliminate it, it is only necessary that we brush our teeth correctly after each meal. When dental hygiene is neglected, plaque is calcified forming what we know as dental tartar. It progressively spreads through the gums and teeth.

If the tartar accumulation is not treated and prolonged over time, gingivitis (inflammation and mild gum infection) occurs at first. But if we continue without going to a dentist’s office, we can suffer from periodontitis (deep infection of the gums with a significant inflammation of them) and even edentulism (loss of dental pieces)

How Do You Treat Tartar?

The most effective treatment is the thorough cleaning of teeth and gums by a specialist. It is therefore a painless treatment in which the specialist uses an ultrasound tip, then use pressurized water until the removal of tartar easily. We recommend cleaning every six months to keep tartar away from our mouth.

If the periodontal disease has been present, the dentist will have to carry out the technique of curettage or root smoothing. It consists of the introduction into the gum of the instruments necessary to proceed to remove the tartar from the root of each dental piece. We emphasize that this treatment does require the use of local anesthesia, but in any case, it is totally painless for the patient.

How Can Tartar Be Prevented?

It is imperative that we brush our teeth correctly. If we are not sure how the dental hygiene procedure should be carried out, the ideal thing is to go to the dentist’s office and have the specialist teach us the correct technique to clean our mouth properly. The use of an electric toothbrush is recommended. We must combine it with the use of interdental brushes and dental floss. An alcohol-free mouthwash helps prevent plaque buildup.

As on a particular level it is impossible for us to check all the dentures in the mirror, the support of a dentist is always the best option to achieve the best results. In less than an hour it is possible to enjoy a total cleaning that allows the person to be absolutely certain that their teeth are completely free of dirt

Looking for Teeth Cleanings in Cypress, TX?

Dr. Lori Logan is experienced in providing comprehensive dental tooth cleanings in Cypress, TX. If you have any additional questions about teeth cleanings or are looking to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to treating you and your family. 

In this video, Dr. Lori Logan takes a moment to discuss how often patients should visit their dentist to maintain good oral health. For additional info on tartar or teeth cleanings, please call our dental office in Cypress, TX today!

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