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Pediatric Care for Kids

What is Pediatric Care for Kids?

Pediatric care involves preventative and corrective care specifically geared towards children. Dr. Lori Logan can provide comprehensive pediatric care in our office in a calm, comforting and relaxed manner. Early dental intervention is crucial in preventing a wide range of oral-related problems. It is important to bring your child into the office for pediatric care as soon as you notice they are getting their first teeth.

Why do your children need Pediatric Care?

Pediatric care involves both preventative treatment as well as corrective care if problems arise. The point of routine pediatric care is to keep your child’s teeth healthy and looking their best. The sooner that your child gets into the office for care and treatment, the earlier they can receive help in preventing and correcting problems. Likewise, children who visit the office on a regular basis show less fear to dental procedures.

What makes your child a good candidate for Pediatric Care?

All children should visit the dentist as soon as they begin developing their first baby teeth. After their initial appointment, they should continue coming in for regular exams and cleanings every six months. Proper at-home care is needed to maintain a healthy and bright smile and to prevent cavities which can compromise sensitive baby teeth. Pediatric care is geared specifically towards children and is done in a relaxed and calm manner for their own comfort.

What happens during the procedure for Pediatric Care?

First, your child will come in and receive a dental cleaning performed by a hygienist. They may receive a fluoride treatment in order to protect the teeth from decay. Sealants and other preventative care may be discussed at your bi-annual appointments. An exam is done by Dr. Lori Logan to check for signs of decay as well as to monitor tooth development and positioning. You will receive education on at-home care that is important for your child’s smile. Your child’s bi-annual dental appointments are the perfect opportunity to ask questions regarding their health.

If your child can benefit from pediatric care, call our office today so that one of our helpful staff members can better assist you.