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ICON Treatment

What is ICON Treatment?

ICON is a revolutionary new method for treating cavities and tooth decay in its early stages. The treatment requires no drilling or filling of the tooth. It can be used on areas of decay that are smaller in size, eliminating the need for a filling. ICON has been used successfully on thousands of patients, and is helping to preserve healthy tooth structure. The treatment can even help in reducing the appearance of white spots on the teeth.

Why is ICON Treatment needed?

ICON treatment is often recommended to patients who have signs of tooth decay. Cavities that can be treated with ICON should be smaller in size. The treatment helps to re-mineralize the dentin and enamel, which can have a serious positive impact on the health of the tooth. As a result, the decay does not need to be removed from the tooth, and a filling is not necessary.

What makes you a good candidate for ICON Treatment?

ICON treatment requires no drilling or filling, so it’s safe for most patients who are interested in the treatment. However, it’s important to note that ICON treats cavities up to the first third of the dentin. Larger cavities may still benefit from having a filling placed. We can determine if you’ll benefit from ICON by performing an exam, as well as taking several x-rays.

What can be expected with ICON Treatment?

Prior to ICON treatment, we’ll perform an exam to determine if the tooth is able to be treated. Small dental wedges will be placed around the tooth to keep it separated from surrounding dentition. The surface area of the tooth is slightly eroded with the ICON gel. This helps to open up the pore system to successfully deliver the application. ICON is then applied to the actual lesion and allowed to soak into the porous surface. The material is cured with a bright light, and you’ll be ready to go home. The procedure is minimally invasive and requires no anesthetic.

If you think you might need ICON treatment, or would like to learn more about this revolutionary new solution to minor decay, call our office today and we’ll get you scheduled for an appointment.