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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Unlike a smile makeover, full mouth rehabilitation is more focused on improving the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums rather than improving your smile on a cosmetic basis. Each patient coming to us will have different rehabilitation needs. We help to improve the health of your mouth regardless of what is necessary. Full mouth rehabilitation can help your smile to look better, as well as eliminate pain and discomfort that can come from poor dental health.

Why is Full Mouth Rehabilitation needed?

Many patients who have advanced gum disease will benefit from full mouth rehabilitation. We can help in providing gum disease treatment and therapy, while simultaneously helping with bone and tooth loss. Other types of procedures available concerning full mouth rehab are specific to improving functionality and health to the mouth. Periodontal treatment of infected gum tissue can have a significant positive impact on tooth health.

What makes you a good candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Prior to coming in to start full mouth rehabilitation, we’ll perform an examination and take x-rays. This helps us to create a personalized treatment plan specific to your own needs. Each patient will have different and varying needs concerning the health of their mouth. We work with you to provide the care that is needed so that your smile, mouth, and gums are healthier as a result.

What can be expected with Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Because each patient’s needs are different, your full mouth rehabilitation will be specific to your needs. The goal with full mouth rehabilitation is to help stop the spread of infection and disease, while helping to restore the smile in order to improve functionality. The process begins with a dental consultation, exam, and series of x-rays. We will then discuss your options with you to create a treatment plan that’s ideal for your dental needs. We’ll schedule you to begin treatment as soon as possible, at a time that is convenient for you. Full mouth rehabilitation can involve gum disease treatment and therapy, dental implants, bridge work, crown replacement, and various other procedures.

If you are interested in full mouth rehabilitation and would like to learn more about your treatment options, call our office today and we’ll help to answer any of your questions.