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What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is the surgical procedure to remove or shorten one of the two frenums in the mouth. The lingual frenum is found underneath the tongue and if this tissue is too small, it can limit the movement of the tongue. The labial frenum is found in the upper arch and if this tissue is too wide or tight, it can affect the way that you smile. A frenectomy can be done safely and easily in-office.

Why do you need a Frenectomy?

A comprehensive examination and consultation is required prior to having a frenectomy performed. Some of the reasons you may need to have this procedure done include:

  • You have limited mobility of your tongue
  • You have a hard time smiling correctly
  • The lingual or labial frenum get in the way of your ability to feel confident or function throughout the day

What makes you a good candidate for a Frenectomy?

Most healthy adults who could benefit from a frenectomy can and should have the procedure done. In order to determine if you are a good candidate for a frenectomy, you’ll need to come into the office for a thorough consultation and examination. Information on the procedure as well as aftercare will be discussed during this appointment. The surgery is done quickly and easily by Dr. Lori Logan in our office.

What happens during the procedure for a Frenectomy?

The procedure involves making a small cut to the frenum to loosen it and prevent it from being too tight. This procedure often corrects problems related to this connective tissue immediately upon the area healing. During the procedure, you will receive anesthetic to make the surgery more comfortable. The procedure is very quick and takes just about an hour in our office. You will receive aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing after the surgery. Frenectomies are ideal for most patients who are having problems with either frenums in their mouth.

If you are interested in having a frenectomy, call our office today so that we can help answer your questions and schedule you for a consultation.