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Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

orthodontics CypressYou are never too old to enhance your smile and improve your dental health. Invisalign orthodontics provides a means to correct an over bite, under bite, or cross bite, and having straight teeth is more than just a cosmetic enhancement. Patients with straight teeth have fewer areas for bacteria to grow and have an easier time keeping teeth and gums healthy when those problem areas are eliminated.

You don’t think anything of it when you see a child or young teen wearing braces, however, older teens and adults wearing metal dental braces somehow seem out of place. The solution is Invisalign clear aligners that provide a means of straightening teeth without the stigma of metal bands and brackets.

There are multiple advantages with Invisalign:

Appearance – The aligners are clear, making your dental correction virtually invisible.

Comfortable – The aligners are firm enough to make needed changes, but soft enough to be comfortable. There are no wires to poke soft oral tissue or metal to cause mouth abrasions.

Removable – This is possibly one of the most valuable assets of this teeth straightening process. The aligners are removed for snacks and meals, eliminating the need to restrict your diet. You can continue to eat all the foods you love that are usually off limits with other braces.

Since you can remove them, your daily oral maintenance can be done with any obstructions. Brushing and flossing with Invisalign aligners means you can keep your teeth and gums clean on a daily basis.

Convenient – With metal braces you regularly visit the dentist where wires are tightened to keep the teeth straightening process on track. With Invisalign, every couple of weeks the next in a series of aligners replaces the one you’ve worn for the past few weeks. What could be easier?

Straight teeth can improve your dental health. Dental decay and gum disease often are the result of plaque build-up. You and your dental provider do your best to minimize plaque build-up, and the task would be much easier for everyone if teeth were not crooked.

Invisalign clear aligners can boost your self-confidence by revamping your smile, and a beautiful smile is ageless. A consultation with our Invisalign dentist will reveal how easy it is to obtain a smile makeover; improved dental health is your added bonus.

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