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Negative Effects of Brushing Too Hard

Cypress dentistMany patients believe they must scrub their teeth to control plaque build-up and keep their teeth white, however this is not what is best for dental health. While brushing and flossing are critical daily actions, your dentist can offer valuable tips to keep your teeth healthy and sparkling between dental visits.

Toothbrush: A soft bristle brush is sufficient. A hard bristle brush can actually do more harm than good. Those hard bristles can actually wear away dental enamel. In addition, gum tissue can prematurely recede as you literally brush it away.

An electronic toothbrush may provide you with the optimum result. You merely guide the tooth brush around your mouth letting it do all the work. Another plus is most electronic brushes have a built-in timer that encourages you to brush a full two minutes with every use.

Daily flossing: Your toothbrush can miss particles especially in hard-to-reach areas and around the gum line. Daily flossing removes what your brush doesn’t while keeping gum tissue stimulated.

Bleeding gums: Brushing too hard may cause your gums to bleed. Obviously this is a sign that you are using the wrong brush and too much pressure. However, if your gums bleed without provocation, this may indicate you are dealing with the onset of gum disease.

Enamel loss: The protective coating on teeth is dental enamel. Although enamel is extremely hard, it is not impregnable. Excessive brushing that results in worn enamel may contribute to dental decay or broken teeth. While enamel does not grow back when gone, there are treatments your dentist can provide to promote healthy and strong teeth.

Gum recession: Gum tissue often recedes naturally as we age. But there is no reason to prematurely hasten this process by brushing too hard. If gum tissue is diminished for any reason, your dentist can apply a resin material that matches surrounding teeth in shape and shade. This not only protects the affected teeth from possible discomfort from exposed nerve tissue, there is a cosmetic value as teeth appear restored to their earlier appearance.

Regular visits to the dentist allow for harmful habits to be caught before too much damage is done. Harsh brushing becomes evident to your dental provider over time. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gentle pressure to help prevent worn enamel and prematurely receding gum tissue.

If you don’t have a dental provider, call the office of Lori Logan, DDS, today to schedule an appointment with our skilled and caring team!

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