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Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums Through the Retirement Years

Cypress dental Sleeping in, not going to work every day, gardening, shopping, golfing, relaxing … these are some of the things to look forward to upon retirement. These activities will be more enjoyable if we have maintained good dental health in pre-retirement years. There are many basic things we can do to get us to those golden years with our biological teeth in place; and continuing to observe these basics will carry us through retirement with healthy teeth and gums:

Brushing: Using a soft bristle tooth brush and fluoridated tooth paste or gel, brush teeth at least twice per day (more often, if possible). Using the correct tools and proper technique is important. Brushing with a heavy hand can lead to premature gum erosion. An electronic tooth brush is a great tool in that all that is required is guidance for the brush and most come with a built-in timer that encourages the patient to brush the prescribed two minutes each time they brush.

Flossing: Dental floss comes in different applications and types … flavored, waxed, built into picks, etc. It doesn’t matter which type you use as long as you floss at least once per day. This helps control plaque build-up that contributes to dental decay and gum disease.

Dental Visits: Seeing your dentist every six months starting in early childhood is probably the most important thing we can do to maintain oral health. During these visits, teeth are thoroughly cleaned, polished and monitored for potential problems.

Following these basic rules is needed as we enter and proceed through the retirement years. In addition to actions pertaining specifically to teeth, other life habits to adopt include:

Limit sugary snacks and beverages – Sugar allowed to sit on teeth turns into plaque. Starting out as a very sticky substance, plaque turns hard in a short amount of time and then can only be removed via your dental professional. This plaque can permeate dental enamel resulting in decay.

Overall good health can be impacted by oral condition with connections being made between heart disease and various other life impacting illnesses … sufficient rest, nutritious diet, daily exercise, fluid intake … these are crucial to oral health as well as overall physical well-being.

Following these actions will provide your best chance for keeping your natural teeth healthy and looking best for your lifetime. Call 281-256-6866 to schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team today.

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