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Invisalign: The Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontics Cypress TXWhether your wore braces as a child and teeth are no longer as straight as you would like, or you never had your malocclusion corrected; it is never too late to reap the benefits of straight teeth and a great smile. A consultation with your dentist will reveal all the advantages that Invisalign orthodontics can offer for your appearance and dental health.

Invisalign Advantages 

Invisalign aligners are clear. This allows teeth to be straightened while wearing braces that are virtually invisible.

The aligners are removable. This is a clear advantage over traditional braces. With Invisalign, you can continue to eat all your favorite foods as you simply remove the aligners for snacks and meals, and replace when done.

Not only can you eat anything you wish, you will be able to thoroughly brush and floss daily without any obstruction allowing you to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the teeth straightening process.

With Invisalign, the patient does not require trips to their dentist to keep teeth straightening on track. Aligners are updated every two weeks keeping teeth moving to their correct occlusion.

Unlike metal bands and brackets, with Invisalign there is no metal or wires to abrade or poke soft oral tissue making them a much more comfortable way to achieve straighter teeth.

It is necessary to wear aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day to achieve teeth straightening goals within the allotted time frame.

The Importance of Straight Teeth 

While your appearance is a great motivator for pursuing orthodontic treatment, oral health can be greatly enhanced when teeth are straight. Eliminating areas where plaque can form and grow will help you maintain healthier teeth and gums. Crooked teeth can provide areas that are difficult to keep clean.

Once your occlusion has been corrected, there is a final step to your orthodontic program that is essential to help you maintain your great new smile. You will be issued a retainer with instructions on how long it is to be worn. The retainer is an important step in treatment as it will help your teeth develop a memory of their new placement … failure to wear as instructed will allow teeth to drift back to their original location.

You can enjoy healthier teeth and gums along with a great new smile thanks to the invisible teeth straightening method, Invisalign. Call the office of Dr. Lori Logan today to schedule your consultation.

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