Invisalign and Adult Orthodontics

Invisalign and Adult Orthodontics

What are your options when you desire a straighter smile but would prefer a solution that is classier and more modern then the old-fashioned method? You can achieve your goals in a way that makes you feel comfortable by talking to Dr. Logan about the orthodontic solutions that are currently available for adults.

Adult orthodontic options are being offered as alternatives to the traditional metal options, and our patients couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s opened the door to better dental health for the mature patients who would prefer to avoid the inconveniences and social stigmas associated with conventional braces.


Less Treatment, More Comfort

For adults, orthodontic goals can be attained with much less metal, and in some cases, no metal at all. The estimated length of treatment is generally shorter, and the treatment methods are nearly invisible. For example, most Invisalign cases can be completed in less than a year with the use of customized aligners that are clear and perfectly contoured to fit the shape of your teeth and gums.

These state-of-the-art aligners should be worn as much as possible, both day as well as night, but can be removed for cleaning, drinking, and eating. Over the course of your treatment, your old aligners will be gradually traded for new aligners as your teeth move closer to their new positions.


Addressing Your Concerns

Invisalign and other related adult orthodontic techniques can effectivelyinvisalign-orthodontics-cypress-tx correct many of the most common concerns:

  • Cosmetic alternative to conventional metal braces
  • Correct crowded teeth
  • Retreat or realign previously treated teeth
  • Improve bite alignment
  • Resolve spaces and gaps between the teeth


Discover the Solution that is Best for You

Reinventing your smile with adult orthodontics can enhance your smile and improve your health. For a complete assessment and orthodontic evaluation, contact Dr. Logan to schedule your consultation today.

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