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Inlay, Onlay or Crown?

dentist in Cypress TXDid you know there are more ways to restore teeth than with just fillings? Other common types of restorations include inlays, onlays, and dental crowns. Our dentist will determine the best type of restoration for your needs. A restoration is meant to treat existing damage and disease as well as prevent future damage. Following is a brief breakdown on these common restorations.


Inlays are a more extensive restoration than a filling. An inlay is bonded on the biting surfaces of teeth between its cusps. For example, an inlay is often ideal for patients who have developed decay on the biting surfaces of their molars. On a molar, an inlay will fill in the surface area between its cusps. Inlays can be made from composite resin (a tooth-colored compound), metal, and porcelain.


Like an inlay, an onlay is more extensive than a filing. Unlike an inlay, however, an onlay fits on the biting surface of a tooth’s cusp and extends down its side toward the gums. This restoration protects both a tooth’s cusps and its sides from future damage. Like an inlay, an onlay is a custom restoration and can be made from different materials like porcelain and metal.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are the most extensive restoration of all. Sometimes called “caps”, dental crowns fit over an entire tooth’s structure above the gums. A crown fits over a tooth to protect its weakened surfaces from fracturing and decaying. Since a crown fits over a tooth, it must be made to very precise measurements unique to an individual. The precise nature of a crown’s shape and size means that these restorations are made in dental laboratories. There are options for a crown’s materials. Porcelain is a popular choice because it lends a very lifelike appearance. Metals like gold and silver are also popular for their durability and cost-effective price.

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