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Improve Your Smile with Clear, Aesthetic Braces

orthodontics Cypress TXIf given the opportunity, who would not want to enhance their appearance by having beautiful, straight teeth? If improvements were not made during childhood with orthodontics, all is not lost. You can now achieve that gorgeous smile using clear, aesthetically pleasing braces with Invisalign clear aligners.

Teens and adults of all ages are now able to have their teeth straightened without dealing with metal bands and brackets. With Invisalign, the braces are clear, comfortable, and most importantly, they are removable. The advantages of Invisalign are numerous:

They are clear – Wearing braces that are virtually invisible will boost your self-confidence when talking or laughing with friends, family, and co-workers.

They are comfortable – The material used for Invisalign clear aligners contains no metal or wires. They are smooth and comfortable, but strong enough to gently shift your teeth to their correct occlusion.

They are removable – You can take your “braces” out to enjoy a snack, eat a meal, and to brush/floss your teeth. This means there are no limits to what you can eat. And when you brush/floss your teeth, you will not have to maneuver around bands and brackets.

Invisalign teeth straightening begins with a consultation with your dentist. Photographs, dental x-rays, and impressions will be taken. These are the tools the Invisalign lab will use to fabricate the aligners you will use during your teeth straightening program.

The aligners will be delivered in a series with each aligner advancing your teeth straightening. You will replace an aligner with the next in the series about every two weeks. Your new aligner should feel a little snug. At the end of two weeks, your teeth will have moved ever so slightly as designed. With each new aligner, teeth are kept moving until they are in the desired alignment.

It is important that aligners are worn twenty to twenty-two hours every day in order to achieve the desired result in the recommended amount of time. Once the teeth straightening process has concluded, you will wear a retainer so teeth can form a memory of their new placement. This is a crucial part of the program.

Having straight teeth means more than just a beautiful smile. There are fewer areas for bacteria and plaque to build meaning you will enjoy healthier teeth and gums as well as a new smile makeover.

Contact us at the office of Dr. Lori Logan to discuss your treatment options!

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