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Harmful Dental Habits to Avoid

dentist Cypress TXAre you harming your teeth with seemingly innocent habits? Maybe you like to chew on ice cubes or pen caps. Perhaps you feel that skipping a dental appointment is not a big deal. Our practice places a high priority on educating our patients because we believe that understanding oral health lays a firm foundation for practicing healthy habits.

In addition to routine preventive care, our dentist provides restorative and cosmetic services to help people in our area enjoy vibrant oral health and beautiful looking smiles. Following are some harmful habits to avoid that could potentially damage your teeth and gums.

Using Your Teeth to Open Bottles or Packaging

Many people use their teeth to open packages or bottles – especially when items are difficult to tear with one’s hands. Unfortunately, this habit could be disastrous for oral health. Biting down on hard items or using your teeth to open tough packaging could actually break and chip a tooth. Since tooth damage is permanent, we recommend that people use scissors and other tools like bottle openers to unwrap the packaging of various products.

Chewing on Items other than Food

When you chew on hard items like pen caps or ice cubes, you can wear tiny cracks in your tooth enamel, which in turn can lead to tooth decay and structural damage to a tooth. While teeth are durable and strong, they are only meant for chewing on edible items. If you have a habit of chewing on hard objects in times of stress or worry, speak with a member of our team for tips on altering your behavior to break this habit.

Skipping Routine Dental Appointments

We understand that life can be incredibly hectic and busy and while our schedules are often overwhelming, we strongly encourage our patients to commit to regular dental cleanings and checkups. Missing a cleaning or checkup could mean that gum disease or a cavity goes unnoticed and therefore prolongs a patient’s access to treatment. By receiving regular care, we can catch problems in their earliest stages and treat them conservatively.

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