General Dentistry

General Dentistry

More than Just a Cleaning

As healthcare professionals, it is our pleasure to provide the services and procedures that can keep your smile at its best. Routine dental care is your strongest line of defense against the diseases that are most likely to damage your smile. We offer a variety of general dentistry procedures that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each of our patients.


Our emphasis on improving your oral hygiene motivates our team to offer a full range of comprehensive care. Clinical evaluations, x-rays, periodontal probing, routine cleanings, and personalized oral hygiene instructions help us to monitor and maintain your oral health.

Additionally, we offer services for the prevention of cavities (such as sealants and fluoride treatments), as well as treatments for sensitive teeth, gum disease, and TMJ problems.


Strong, Beautiful Fillings

When cavities have invaded your teeth, dental fillings can be used to restoregeneral-dentistry-cypress-tx the damage and prevent the development of a more serious dental problem. Silver or amalgam fillings are no longer the treatment of choice for a cavity. Today, tooth-colored resins are used to replace areas of weak or damaged enamel. In addition to cavities, fillings are often used to repair cracked, broken, or worn enamel.

Resin fillings can be selected in shades that match the color of your own enamel, and once they have been placed, can barely be distinguished from your other teeth. Although modern fillings are more attractive than traditional fillings, there are other advantages such as strength and durability. Tooth-colored fillings can be bonded to your front or back teeth, and with attentive oral hygiene, can last for a number of years.


Teamwork at its Best

Our team is committed to providing you with enough support to keep you smiling brightly for a lifetime. When you partner with us, we can work together as a team to improve or maintain your oral health, as well as the oral health of the rest of your family.

To get started, we encourage you to contact our office today.

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