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Is Fear Keeping You Away From the Dentist?

dentist CypressThe sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office can make even the strongest person fearful preventing them from receiving the treatment needed to maintain excellent oral health, which can have a determining effect on overall good health. Sedation dentistry can eliminate or drastically reduce the fear level allowing patients to obtain preventative and restorative care that contributes to good dental health.

Your dentist must be trained in order to make sedation dentistry available. She should also have equipment for monitoring the patient coupled with specially trained staff make sedation dentistry safe and comfortable for needed dental treatment.

How does sedation dentistry work?

During a consultation, a medical history will be taken to reveal any existing health issues, medications currently taken, and a discussion of how your treatment session will be completed.

On appointment day, the patient will take a sedative at home about one hour before their arrival to the dental office. Transportation to and from the office are required as the patient will be unable to drive. [pullquote]It is worth noting that sedation dentistry is advantageous for more than fearful patients.[/pullquote]

Upon arrival, the patient is seated and monitoring begins as an additional sedative is given. All medications are taken orally. There are no needles, and the patient is awake at all times. Some procedures may require additional anesthetic to numb the area being treated.

Procedures as benign as having teeth cleaned may be performed with sedation dentistry, and while the patient is sedated, additional work may be completed such as treating dental decay.

It is worth noting that sedation dentistry is advantageous for more than fearful patients. Individuals who are unable to recline, sit still for longer periods or patients with physical or mental limitations are now able to receive the same level of dental care that was difficult once before.

At the conclusion of treatment the patient is continually monitored until released. Many patients reveal they felt as if they slept through treatment although remaining conscious.

Upon arrival at home, it is recommended that someone stay with the patient for several hours. Returning to work or school is discouraged as the patient will likely remain groggy for several hours.

Sedation dentistry provides an avenue for fearful patients, and the dental provider is allowed to render treatment knowing the patient is safe and comfortable, and can enjoy great dental health now that they’ve been able to allay their fear of the dentist!

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