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Dental Veneers: A Versatile Cosmetic Treatment Option

veneers CypressImproving smiles for greater satisfaction and confidence is easier than many patients believe possible. With modern cosmetic techniques, such as dental veneers, the teeth and smile can improve almost instantly with natural-looking results that last. The custom-made enhancements are perfectly sized and shaped to fit individual patients’ teeth, usually covering and enhancing only the front teeth that are visible in a large or exaggerated smile. Individual teeth can also be enhanced, improving the look of a single chipped, broken, or uneven tooth for a better smile.

After consulting with our cosmetic dentist, the patient is typically offered a range of treatment options. This allows for the opportunity to select the treatment that best suits a patient’s needs and budget, without compromising results. When veneers are selected, impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken to develop molds for making the custom enhancements. Usually made of porcelain and glazed for a durable, natural tooth-like appearance, a single enhancement piece is made for each tooth and designed to fit just over the occlusal (biting) edge of the tooth, and concealing the front surface up to the gumline.

A tooth with a chipped, broken, or missing piece can be “filled” with a custom-made enhancement in this same manner. When the impressions are taken, the missing or damaged part of the tooth is noted and porcelain is used to fill in the empty space, making the finished, enhanced tooth appear whole again. The same process can be used to close minor gaps between front teeth. For example, simply extending the sides of enhancements intended for neighboring teeth. Once applied, the enhancements conceal a wide variety of cosmetic defects, damages, and imperfections or impurities, including some discoloration or staining.

The use of porcelain veneers is considered non-reversible, because the teeth are prepared for the attached enhancements with modest filing or sanding. This filing is considerably less than that associated with some other cosmetic treatment options, making it preferable for many patients that qualify as good candidates. To learn more about smile-enhancing treatment options for specific needs and budgets, contact our experienced cosmetic dentistry team at 281-256-6866 today!

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