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Why do I have a dark spot on my tooth?

dentist Cypress TXTooth discoloration or spots on teeth can occur for a multitude of reasons. Some spots are more of a cosmetic concern than one attributed to a serious problem and a visit to your dentist will bring peace of mind and possible solutions.

Some of the more common causes that can result in a spot on teeth include:

Decay – That small dark spot might be the early sign of a cavity. Unlike years ago when decay was treated with silver amalgam, a cavity anywhere on your tooth today will be filled with a tooth colored composite resin that makes the dental repair virtually impossible to detect.

Tobacco Use – Smoking cigarettes, cigars or using some type of tobacco chew does not only do great damage to the body, but teeth and gums suffer as well. This is a cosmetic issue, of course, but more importantly the tobacco user is doing damage that may result in tooth loss and a lifetime of dental problems unparalleled with non-users.

Diet – The foods we eat and beverages we drink can produce tooth discoloration. Daily coffee and tea consumption can discolor dental enamel. There are many foods than can impact teeth; but daily brushing and flossing can offset or greatly reduce the stain. Regular visits to your dentist can remove the stain you may not have reached with daily maintenance from diet related tooth discoloration.

Fluorosis – People that consume fluoride from water and food do not generally require a supplement taken in the form of a vitamin. Over-fluoridation can produce tooth discoloration that forms within the tooth. Some type of cosmetic repair like bonding is a simple solution for this type of staining.

Drugs – There are medications we take to make our bodies healthy; but some might have an adverse effect on dental enamel.

Another lesser known problem includes leaky amalgam fillings. Your dentist may need to replace older fillings, or if the tooth has become compromised, a dental crown may be needed to save the tooth.

For benign cosmetic issues, your dentist may suggest dental bonding. For more extensive discoloration, porcelain veneers are a minimally invasive cosmetic restoration that can repair one or several teeth suffering from spots or stain.

Daily brushing and flossing coupled with regular dental visits will provide the tools needed to keep teeth healthy and looking their best. Call our team today to discern what your dark spot means.

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