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Common Misconceptions About Dental Health

Cypress dentistMany patients harbor false beliefs and perceptions about oral health and dental care. Here are just a few examples of some of these myths and the facts that disprove those myths:

As long as I brush and floss every day, I only need to see a dentist for emergenciesWrong! You should never wait to get dental care until you have an emergency. First of all, good routine dental care may help to reduce your chances of experiencing a dental emergency. Also, it may be more difficult for a patient without an established relationship with a dentist to find a practitioner who is able to schedule an ASAP appointment for an unfamiliar patient.

Going to the dentist is going to hurtIn fact, when you postpone the painless routine care that all dental patients should get, you’re increasing your chances of developing a serious problem that could require a more invasive intervention. Don’t let dental fear keep you from getting regular dental care like checkups and cleanings, which rarely cause discomfort anyway.

My oral health doesn’t have any influence on my overall health ­– Scientific research has suggested links between oral health and systemic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and dementia. The mouth is indeed the gateway to the body, and oral bacteria has easy access to the bloodstream, which allows it to travel throughout the rest of the body. Furthermore, the inflammation found in diseased gum tissue appears to have some characteristics in common with the inflammation that causes disease elsewhere in the body.

Adults aren’t at risk for cavitiesActually, as we age, our teeth become less effective at the re-mineralization process, which can make the teeth weaker. Additionally, adult patients who were prone to cavities during childhood may still face a higher chance of tooth decay. Patients who take medications that have xerostomia (dry mouth) also may be more susceptible to cavities.

Do you believe in any of these misconceptions about dental health? If so, contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan to learn more about the best ways to protect and promote your oral health and your overall well-being. Call 281-256-6866 to schedule your visit.

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