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Smile Confidently with Lumineers

Lumineers Cypress TXVeneers can improve a variety of defects in a patient’s smile: from chips, stains and cracks to mild misalignments and undersized teeth. However, because some types of veneers require the removal of healthy enamel to make room for them, patients may have been reluctant to consider this treatment option. However, a type of veneers called Lumineers® are thin enough (about the same thickness as a contact lens) that they can be placed atop an existing tooth without making extensive alterations to that tooth.

A cosmetic dentist who uses Lumineers in her practice can upgrade a patient’s smile without injections or extensive drilling. Furthermore, Lumineers are totally reversible if the patient decides that they are no longer needed or wanted, which is not the case with conventional porcelain veneers.

Like other veneers, Lumineers are made from a form of porcelain, which shares many optical qualities with biological teeth. Therefore, your Lumineers will appear quite lifelike after they are bonded to your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist can also adjust the shade of the Lumineers to get the closest match possible to the color of your biological teeth, which also helps to make this treatment more aesthetically pleasing.

As with all veneers, Lumineers can last for many years if you take good care of them. In fact, Lumineers may actually be more resistant to chips and breaks although they are thinner than conventional veneers. It is important for patients to maintain good oral hygiene habits and receive adequate professional dental care in order to get the maximum benefits and lifespan from their Lumineers, though. Be sure that you are following your dentist’s instructions in caring for your Lumineers.

If you want a long-lasting, reliable veneer without making major structural changes to your natural teeth in the process, consider Lumineers as a possible treatment option.

Call us at the office of Dr. Lori Logan today and schedule a consultation to learn more about Lumineers and get started down the path to a more beautiful, confident smile.

Lumineers: A Custom Cosmetic Dentistry Solution

Lumineers Cypress TXWhitening treatments offer an improvement in your smile, but Lumineers allow you a permanent, white, bright smile that will stand the test of time. Improving your smile in this manner is simple, but consulting your cosmetic dentist is the first step to finding the option that works best for your unique smile.

1st Visit

After the initial consultation, your dentist will take a few impressions of your mouth, including the top and bottom teeth. These impressions are then sent out to fabricate  customized Lumineers that suit your mouth and teeth. Creating these custom devices can take 1 to 2 weeks, but the end result is a comfortable, natural application.

2nd Visit

During this visit, the surface of the teeth is prepared for the application process. This is a painless process, but a necessary one to ensure a secure bonding. Before the Lumineers are securely bonded to the teeth, the dentist will examine the shape, color and fit of the Lumineers to make sure they blend beautifully with the surrounding teeth and to ensure the bite is properly aligned. Any necessary changes or adjustments can be made before placement.

Similar to Veneers?

The improvement in your smile with this innovative option is very unique considering these thin covers measure only .2mm. Since traditional veneers are thicker, a larger amount of surface enamel will need to be removed for successful placement. With proper cleaning and care, these tooth enhancements can last for years.

Porcelain veneers and Lumineers are both great options if you want to improve the look of your smile and your self-esteem. To find out if you are a candidate, or to learn about other cosmetic dental services offered, contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan. Call 281-256-6866 to schedule your professional consultation today.

Dental Lumineers: Purpose and Procedure

One person may need a hair makeover, while another person’s skin could use a little touching up. For you, the problem may be your teeth. If your teeth are your personal vice and you desperately need a quick dental fix—one that can last for years—then consider dental Lumineers, and finally experience how it feels to smile with pride.

Lumineers are simply a much thinner version of veneers. Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that cover the front surface of the teeth in order to improve their appearance. They are less than a millimeter thick—about the thickness of a credit card. However, Lumineers are even thinner—about 0.2 millimeters thick. Both are translucent, or see-through, and closely resemble the enamel that covers a natural tooth.

In addition to looking natural, Lumineers allow you to restore your smile without necessarily having to alter any of your original tooth structure. With veneers, your cosmetic dentist removes a small layer from the tooth’s surface. However, with Lumineers, the dentist reduces the teeth only a little, or your teeth may not have to be reduced at all. As a result, Lumineers are less invasive, thus causing relatively no discomfort or sensitivity, while at the same time being extremely durable.

Lumineers are ideal if your front teeth are slightly misaligned but you don’t want the hassle of braces. In many situations, Lumineers will help your teeth to appear more uniform and even whiter. Also, Lumineers can help to close gaps as well as to fix teeth that are broken, chipped, irregularly shaped or worn down. In addition, even though positioning veneers in your mouth is not a reversible process, as it involves slight alteration of your teeth, you can easily get your Lumineers removed in the future if desired.

Stop focusing on your smile for all the wrong reasons, and don’t let your fear of discomfort keep you from making desired changes. With Lumineers, you can quickly get that perfect smile in a comfortable, non-invasive and easy manner. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can keep you smiling confidently for the coming years.