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Smile Confidently with Professional Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentist CypressDiscolored, stained, or spotted teeth can ruin your smile. A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will reveal the many treatment options available … one of the most economical ways is with teeth whitening.

Not All Teeth Whitening is Created Equal 

While you may derive small, temporary improvement with products like whitening strips, toothpastes or gels, whitening rinses; or one of the many products you may find online like one size fits all trays, blue lights, or any other gimmick that promises white teeth … you may have concerns about their safety and effectiveness.

When you acquire teeth whitening products and/or services from your cosmetic dentist, you have the assurance that the products have been thoroughly tested for safety. In addition, your dental provider is licensed to dispense these products, which contain some of the most powerful teeth whitening agents available … another measure that is there for your protection.

One more added incentive to acquire teeth whitening from your dentist is that you know they will be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. That may not be the case when acquiring teeth whitening through other avenues.

The Results Are In

Stains and discoloration are minimized or gone … teeth are brighter and your smile is dazzling. To maximize your teeth whitening experience, familiarize yourself with the things that can stain your teeth such as coffee, tea, cola, red wine, some berries, tomato based sauces, etc … you can limit some of the damage that can be done by drinking cold drinks through a straw (most of the liquid will bypass teeth); and rinse teeth thoroughly following consumption. Brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste and floss to remove what your toothbrush missed.

To learn more about the teeth whitening services we offer, contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan and schedule your consultation today.

The New Era of Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentist Cypress TXPatients who feel that their smiles are lackluster have a number of treatment options at their disposal for improving the smile’s aesthetics. The first step on your path to a more beautiful smile is to consult with a cosmetic dentist, who can recommend a number of innovative interventions that address flaws in your smile.

For many patients, a dingy or yellow appearance of the teeth is a concern. These patients can be helped tremendously by teeth whitening treatments that use bleaching gels to release stains and other discoloration from the enamel of the teeth. The treatments provided by a cosmetic dentist are far more consistent and effective than products that can be purchased over the counter. Teeth whitening can be the sole intervention used to improve the smile’s appearance, or it may be the capstone on a smile makeover that combines a number of treatments.

Other patients may need to repair teeth damaged by chips or cracks in order to restore their smiles. Your cosmetic dentist may rely on a few different methods in order to do this. For example, dental bonding can be a highly effective, budget-friendly approach to address minor defects in the teeth. The bonding material is applied to the tooth and cured using a special light. Porcelain veneers are a more involved intervention that can be used for more extensive needs. These are tooth-shaped shells that are bonded on top of the biological teeth to conceal chips, cracks or deep stains that don’t respond to whitening. Porcelain veneers can also make a slightly crooked stretch of teeth appear properly aligned or make an undersized tooth look like it has the correct proportions to fit in with the rest of the smile.

For patients with more severely misaligned teeth, Invisalign can straighten them without obscuring your smile in the process. This system uses clear plastic trays to apply the desired forces to the teeth in order to reposition them.

Patients who need to have a tooth restored following extensive decay can benefit from another cosmetic treatment, porcelain crowns. These are tooth-shaped caps that slide on top of your biological teeth.

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a number of interventions to improve your smile’s appearance. Set up a consultation at our office to learn more about these treatments and how they can help you achieve your smile goals.

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Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

When we open our mouth to speak, eat, or smile, we put our teeth on display. If you are dissatisfied with what you see, a consultation with your cosmetic dentist will reveal that there are numerous ways to enhance your appearance through cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth that are dull, drab, or stained can benefit from a smile makeover with one of the most effective procedures available. Teeth whitening completed in the office may lighten and brighten teeth up to eight shades in one visit. Patients that wish to whiten their teeth at their own pace and in the privacy of home can utilize take home whitening. Acquiring a take home whitening kit from your cosmetic dentist still provides the expert advice and instruction not available if purchasing similar products at your local store or on the internet.

For more serious cosmetic imperfections, there are different options. Crooked or misaligned teeth are more than unattractive. They provide many areas in the mouth where bacteria can gather. As bacteria builds the incidence of dental decay and gum disease increases. Straight teeth eliminate many of the nooks that crooked teeth do not.

Many malocclusions are corrected by Invisalign clear aligners. The advantages of Invisalign over traditional metal bands and brackets are numerous:

  1. Soft plastic aligners are not only clear making treatment virtually undetectable, but the lack of metal eliminates abrasions to soft tissues on the inside of the cheeks and gums.
  2. These aligners are removable. This means you can eat all the foods you love without restriction.
  3. Because they are removable, you can brush and floss without any obstruction. This is a big asset in maintaining excellent oral health throughout orthodontic care. Your dental provider can clean, polish and examine teeth every six months providing a much easier and more effective way to prevent and/or treat dental decay.

Chipped, cracked, severely stained or misshapen teeth can be treated with veneers. Veneers are very thin, tooth colored shells that are cemented to the front of teeth requiring repair. Lumineers are veneers that have the unique feature that they do not require removal of enough dental enamel to result in them being permanent. Lumineers is a procedure that is reversible if the patient requests.

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lori Logan, will provide a treatment plan that can deliver a smile makeover that will enhance your appearance for a lifetime. Call 281-256-6866 to reserve your appointment today.