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Brushing and Flossing Do More Than Just Clean Teeth

dentist Cypress TXEver wonder why your dentist always reminds you to floss at every dental appointment? While we should not need the nudge to brush with a fluoridated tooth paste every day, there are more advantages to brushing and flossing than just keeping your teeth looking great.

Brushing with the correct tooth brush the right way will help to preserve healthy gum tissue. A soft bristle brush and moderate brushing action is important as scrubbing with a hard bristle brush can lead to premature damage to dental enamel and gums. An electronic tooth brush makes great sense for patients of all ages.

Flossing every day helps to remove food particles your tooth brush did not reach. If not removed promptly, this debris can harden on teeth allowing plaque to build. Plaque build-up is the primary cause for dental decay and the onset of gum disease.

Plaque is particularly problematic for areas in the mouth where teeth are not perfectly straight. Of particular concern are those spots between crooked teeth where brushing alone may not be sufficient to help prevent bacteria from building leading to plaque forming on teeth, especially at the gum line.

Reducing dental plaque is important to dental health. Even the most diligent person may not be able to keep some plaque from forming on teeth; and the only way to remove established plaque is with a visit to the dentist for hygiene care. That is why consistent professional dental care is so important. In addition to the advantages of a dental cleaning, the exam received allows potential problems to be resolved before they have a chance to escalate into costly and time consuming repair.

Research is ongoing that links dental health to overall health. Patients with chronic illnesses like heart disease and diseases of the immune system like diabetes are much more likely to suffer from dental problems such as gum disease. This makes the care extended to our oral health even more critical.

Taking proper care of teeth and gums starts when we are children; following the proper daily dental regimen and keeping regular visits to the dentist may not only allow you to have a great smile, but can help to maintain your biological teeth for life.

If it’s time to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan at 281-256-6866.

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