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Since having my braces removed, my teeth have shifted. Can Invisalign help?

orthodontics Cypress TXThere are several reasons your teeth could have shifted. If orthodontics was completed before all permanent teeth erupted, those new teeth (like third molars) could have resulted in overcrowding pushing teeth to make room to come in.

Or perhaps the retainer was not worn long enough for teeth to develop a solid memory of their new location, which can allow teeth to start to drift back to their former placement.

If you are now faced with a malocclusion, your Invisalign dentist will consult with you to present options. Invisalign offers many advantages not available with other forms of teeth straightening. Invisalign aligners are:

  • Clear – the patient can undergo teeth straightening that is virtually invisible. This is a major factor for teens and young adults.
  • Comfortable – there are no wires and no metal to abrade or poke into soft oral tissue.
  • Convenient – trips to the orthodontist to have wires tightened to keep teeth moving are eliminated. The patient merely replaces their aligners every two weeks with the next in the series. Each aligner is designed to keep teeth moving to their correct placement.
  • Removable – With Invisalign aligners, the patient can continue to eat all the foods they love – nothing is off limits. That is because these “braces” are taken out for snacks and meals. Simply replace the aligners when done. In addition, your daily oral care of brushing and flossing can be completed without obstruction.

The Invisalign program is simple. Your dentist will take impressions, x-rays, and photos to be sent to the Invisalign lab. These tools will be used to fabricate a series of aligners using 3-D digital technology. Each aligner is designed to alter your bite until teeth have been moved to their correct occlusion.

Straight teeth are important for more than a great smile. When teeth are crooked or overlap, there are areas where plaque is more likely to build. Plaque formation can lead to dental decay and/or gum disease.

At treatment conclusion, another retainer will be provided. You will receive instructions for when and how long to wear it. This is a critical component to the teeth straightening process. If not worn as instructed, teeth may begin to shift back again.

Don’t waste your investment … follow instructions and you should be able to enjoy your new smile for your lifetime. Contact our team today to discuss your own options!

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