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Lori Logan, DDS Blog

Why Do I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Do you drink coffee or eat ice cream that causes your toothache? Do you notice that brushing your teeth creates the same effect? You may have sensitive teeth.  This common phenomenon is also called dentin hypersensitivity. It usually takes place when you drink cold or hot drinks or eat especially acidic or sweet foods. It can also occur

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How Can I Treat Smokers Teeth?

A common question that our patients will ask us is what they can do to correct smokers teeth. Smoker’s teeth, refers to the negative result that can occur if you smoke & don’t practice good oral hygiene.  This can not only cause aesthetic issues but functional ones as well. This article will explore the relationship

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How Can I Avoid Common Dental Issues?

Dental health is an important part of the overall well-being and health of an individual, poor dental and oral hygiene can cause gum diseases and dental cavities, etc. All these diseases have also been connected to cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Maintaining good oral health will lead to healthy gums and teeth; this requires a

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Bad Hygiene: Additional Consequences On Your Health

Do not worry enough about your dental hygiene? It is a situation that brings a lot of problems, no matter how old we are. It usually results in an unpleasant breath, poor oral health, mouth pain or cavities. It can even lead to the loss of teeth. Indeed, a lack of dental hygiene can cause gum disease. Inflammation of

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How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

Have you lost your pearly white sparkling smile because of dingy yellow or gray stains? With the growing age, teeth got yellowish for various reasons, but other than this, some common drinks, foods, even though mouthwashes can stain the teeth.  Luckily, patients now have several options in improving the apperance of their smiles, whether it

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How Can I Avoid Gingivitis While I’m Pregnant?

After seeing your positive pregnancy test, there are a lot of things that came in your mind. You go through with various emotions like happiness, sorrow, anxiety, excitement, and many more. All this happens due to the hormonal changes throughout the pregnancy. These changes can also wreak havoc on the oral health of women. That’s

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