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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontics CypressEnjoying a great smile is ageless; teens and adults of all ages can benefit from both an aesthetic and oral health perspective through teeth straightening. A consultation with your dentist will demonstrate how orthodontics with Invisalign can enhance your appearance, and more importantly improve your oral health.

Why Invisalign? 

When you select Invisalign as your method of teeth straightening, you will enjoy many advantages over other orthodontic programs because Invisalign aligners are:

Clear – The transparent material used in making the aligners allows you to undergo teeth straightening using braces that are virtually undetectable.

Comfortable – Because there are no wires or metal brackets used, oral abrasions are not a problem.

Convenient – You will be the one keeping your teeth moving by updating your aligners every two weeks. Although you will need periodic visits with your dentist, regular visits for things like wire manipulating are a thing of the past.

Removable – This allows you to eat all your favorite foods; you simply remove your aligners for meals and snacks and replace when done. In addition, you are able to brush and floss daily without any obstructions allowing you to maintain great oral health throughout your teeth straightening program.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Using tools provided by your dentist (x-rays, impressions, photographs), the Invisalign lab utilizes digital technology to fabricate a series of aligners. Each aligner will fit snugly at first; throughout the next two weeks, teeth will shift as prescribed by the aligner being worn. Every two weeks, the aligner is to be replaced by the next in the series. This process repeats until teeth straightening has been achieved.

It is important that aligners are worn as prescribed – at least twenty to twenty-two hours every day. The length of treatment is determined by the severity of your malocclusion. Once teeth straightening has been achieved, the final step to treatment is to wear the retainer. The retainer allows teeth to develop a memory of their new location. This is very important; failure to wear the retainer may allow teeth to drift back to their original position.

Having straight teeth is more than a great smile. When teeth are crooked or overcrowded, plaque can form and grow in areas difficult to keep clean with your toothbrush. This can lead to dental decay and/or gum disease. So you will be improving both your appearance and oral health with Invisalign clear aligners.

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CEREC and Same Day Crowns

same day crowns CypressThe availability of same day crowns offers many advantages … fewer trips to the dentist for treatment, no need to wear a temporary for weeks while waiting for your permanent restoration, and thanks to digital technology, in many cases there is no need for an impression to be made using trays of messy and uncomfortable plaster.

CEREC Process

Your need for a dental crown can be due to trauma to a tooth, excessive dental decay, a cracked or broken tooth … the reason doesn’t matter. The process for receiving your crown and the final result are what is most important to you

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or simply Ceramic Reconstruction. Other verbiage you may hear in conjunction with CEREC is CAD/CAM technology. This means the use of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing.

Once your dentist has told you that a dental crown is needed, with CEREC you can just sit back because within a few hours you will have completed treatment with a permanent restoration that is durable and looks great.

Digital imaging allows for a very accurate and detailed picture of your mouth providing a crown that will fit perfectly. Your tooth will be prepared for the crown by reducing it in size leaving enough of the base for the final restoration to be cemented in place.

The CEREC machine uses a solid block of ceramic, and utilizing the images taken will bore the ceramic into a perfect replica of the tooth being crowned. A few finishing touches and your crown can be cemented into place.

Caring for your CEREC Restoration

Whether your crown was needed to treat a broken or severely decayed tooth, or as the final step following root canal therapy, the care for your same day crown is easily managed.

Immediately after receiving your crown, you should avoid eating sticky foods that could dislodge your newly cemented dental work. After that, you’re free to eat whatever you wish. Your new crown has been made with durable materials that are designed to last for many, many years.

Brush and floss daily, and visit our dentist every six months for cleaning and dental exam. The same care you extend for all your teeth should allow your same day crown to last a very long time.