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Break These Bad Brushing Habits

dentist CypressRegular visits to the dentist cannot take the place of consistent and correct teeth brushing. It’s important to know that the wrong tools and incorrect technique can actually damage teeth and gums so become informed about the proper way to care for your teeth on a daily basis.

Facts to be Considered

Toothbrush: Use a soft bristle toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is a fabulous tool; you provide the guidance and let the rapid movement of the brush head do all the work.

Toothbrush Care: You need to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Worn bristles are ineffective for proper and complete teeth cleaning. Also, where and how you store your toothbrush are important. Your toothbrush should be allowed to air out between uses so never keep in an enclosed place; do not allow your brush to touch anyone else’s; never share a toothbrush; and keep in mind where you are likely to brush your teeth – store your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible to prevent airborne particles from contaminating your toothbrush.

Brushing Technique: You should apply light pressure employing a circular motion cleaning a few teeth at a time. Never scrub teeth or use a sawing back and forth motion. This can result in premature gum erosion and damage to protective dental enamel.

When you brush is important. Many people like to brush after eating; this is fine as long as you have not consumed anything known to soften the enamel on your teeth. To be safe, rinse your teeth thoroughly after eating; wait sixty minutes to actually brush.

You should brush at least twice every day with a fluoridated toothpaste for two minutes each time you brush. Timing yourself is one way to know if you are brushing long enough; most electric toothbrushes have a built in timer that signals when you’ve brushed the recommended two minutes.

Positive Results 

In addition to brushing, you will benefit from consuming a healthy diet (limit treats to special occasions); drink water in lieu of sugary drinks and soda; do not smoke or use tobacco in any form; and visit your dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and exam. Your chances of maintaining good dental health are greater if you follow these guidelines and adhere to the advice given by your dentist for brushing and flossing.

If it’s time to schedule your next visit, contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan today.

Teeth Straightening Without Traditional Braces

Invisalign CypressStraight teeth mean more than a beautiful smile … dental health is improved as areas where plaque is likely to build are eliminated. Patients of all ages can realize the many benefits achieved with Invisalign teeth straightening.

Advantages with Invisalign

Aesthetics – The aligners are clear. You can undergo the teeth straightening process without the telltale traditional metal brackets on your teeth.

Comfort – The aligners are made to fit comfortably over your teeth. They are strong enough to shift your teeth to the proper occlusion, but since there is no metal you won’t suffer from cuts and abrasions to soft oral tissues. There are no wires to break resulting in the need to visit the dentist for repair.

Convenience – Visits to your dentist to have wires adjusted to keep teeth moving is a thing of the past. With Invisalign, you replace aligners yourself every two weeks. You will require periodic visits to check progress.

Removable – Invisalign aligners are removable. This is a major improvement over traditional braces as this allows the patient to eat all their favorite foods; brush and floss daily without obstruction; and have teeth thoroughly cleaned every six months by their dentist throughout orthodontic treatment. Remove aligners for meals, snacks, and teeth cleaning throughout the day, and replace when done.

Requirements During Invisalign Treatment

To achieve desired results in the designated timeframe, it is important to wear the aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day. Failure to wear aligners as recommended can set your teeth straightening program back significantly.

Once teeth straightening has been achieved, the patient is provided with a retainer with instructions on when and how long it should be worn. This is an important step in completing the teeth straightening process. The retainer looks much like the aligners worn during treatment; it is designed to hold teeth in place while the teeth and bones that have been shifted are allowed to retain a memory of their new location. If the retainer is abandoned too soon or not worn as directed, teeth can drift back to their former malocclusion.

When considering teeth straightening, you owe it to yourself to compare Invisalign clear aligners to traditional metal braces. A consultation with our dentist, Dr. Lori Logan, will demonstrate how you can enjoy all the advantages of Invisalign clear aligners with the final result being a beautiful smile and a healthier mouth.