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4 Unexpected Ways Your Teeth Can Get Chipped

dentist Cypress TXTeeth are very strong, but are not invincible. And some individuals may have softer teeth than others making them more susceptible to chipping or breaking. If you should chip a tooth, you should plan to see the dentist as soon as possible depending on the severity of the break. There are several ways to chip a tooth with most of them being very preventable.

Habits that are harmful to teeth

1. Biting fingernails – In addition to the possibility that nail biting can chip your teeth, habitual nail biting is seen as unsanitary, can result in infection and over time, can even create a malocclusion.

2. Chewing on ice – All it takes is one ice cube to chip or break a tooth. People who munch on ice throughout the day are risking their dental health. And it’s not just ice that can chip a tooth … anything hard (nuts, popcorn kernels, hard candy, etc.) can chip a tooth.

3. Using teeth to open packages – This is what scissors are for. People who use their teeth to tear into packaging should think twice before ever doing it again.

4. Mindless acts – You go throughout the day without giving thought to the same mundane actions that you experience day in and day out. Getting a drink at a water fountain, bumping into a door, or contact from a fall or accident can result in chipped dentition. Paying better attention can prevent many of these things from occurring.

Solutions for a Chipped Tooth

A minor chip can be resolved by the application of a tooth colored resin that your dentist will artfully apply and trim to the natural contour of your tooth.

If dental bonding is not a sufficient option, your dentist may recommend a dental veneer. A veneer is a thin, tooth colored shell that is ultimately bonded to the front of the tooth requiring correction.

If the tooth chip is large or the tooth has been weakened, a dental crown may be the best option. The tooth is filed down, an impression is taken, and sent to the dental lab to be made. A temporary is provided until the final restoration can be delivered.

A chipped tooth may be preventable; but there are many solutions for repair if the unthinkable should occur – schedule an appointment with our dentist as soon as you can! Call us today though to get more tips at the office of Dr. Lori Logan!

When Is a Dental Crown Recommended?

crowns Cypress TXDental crowns are a solution for severely decayed teeth, broken or fractured teeth, to complete endodontic therapy, as a means to fix a dental prosthesis, or as the final step in the dental implant process. If your dentist recommends a dental crown, it is the best option for treatment. And if your dentist offers CEREC, you will be able to appreciate its many advantages.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is high tech dentistry at its best. Your dentist can diagnose the need for a dental crown, and deliver it on the same day. Not a temporary, but the final restoration itself that allows you to leave the dental office with your treatment fully completed.

CEREC technology employs computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) that allows your dentist to use digital imaging to provide a detailed and accurate picture that ultimately will be used to mill your new tooth out of a block of ceramic that will be fabricated, fit, and cemented in place all during the same visit.

When is a Dental Crown Recommended?

Dental decay – When a tooth has been previously repaired, further drilling may result in a broken or fractured tooth. A crown may provide a better solution.

Broken tooth – If a tooth fractures, a dental crown can be made to cover the base of the tooth to prevent the need for extraction.

Abutment for prosthesis – If a patient requires a dental bridge and opts for a fixed tooth replacement, the abutment teeth will be prepped for crowns to attach the bridge.

Final step for a root canal – For the patient requiring endodontic therapy, the dentist will drill an opening in the tooth that must eventually be sealed. A dental crown is often used to seal the tooth.

Restoration for dental implant – A dental implant is placed to provide the base for missing dentition. When healed, a dental crown is affixed to the implant as the final cosmetic restoration for this procedure.

CEREC vs. traditional crowns

A standard crown can require multiple visits and the need to wear a temporary for a couple of weeks before your permanent crown can be delivered.

Your CEREC dentist can provide you with a perfectly sized, shaped, and shaded dental crown that will be made to match surrounding teeth to provide the fit and function you need, all in one dental visit. For more information, call our office today!