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Electronic Toothbrush: A Great Weapon Against Plaque Formation

teeth cleaning Cypress TXKeeping plaque at bay is a primary factor in maintaining a healthy smile. If you’re brushing twice a day with a standard toothbrush, you may find that you still accumulate plaque and tartar, which is a calcified substance that requires teeth cleaning to removed. Changing to an electronic toothbrush can give your oral hygiene routine a boost and improve your ability to minimize plaque buildup.

An electronic toothbrush has rotation in addition to the back-and-forth motion typically used with a manual toothbrush. Therefore, an electronic toothbrush is more effective in removing plaque. Some models vibrate even faster, which may help them erase even more plaque from your smile.

Additionally, electronic toothbrushes typically feature built-in timers that shut the brush off after two minutes, which is the recommended brushing time. Manual toothbrush users often fall short on that standard.

Even if you do upgrade to an electronic toothbrush, you will still need to get a professional teeth cleaning every six months when you see your dentist. A dental hygienist will have better access to certain parts of your smile that it’s hard for you to reach and brush thoroughly, and plaque and tartar may collect in those spaces even when you do brush twice a day. Between the electronic toothbrush and semi-annual cleanings, you’ll be making your best effort to minimize plaque and tartar.

Plus, you also benefit from the dentist examining your teeth twice a year to keep tabs on the development of cavities and/or gum disease. When your dentist diagnoses an issue in an early stage, it’s easier and less expensive to have them treated and corrected. If you let more months pass between routine check-ups, you may find yourself needing to have a large cavity restored or advanced gum disease treated.

Ready to make the switch to an electronic toothbrush? Our knowledgeable team of professionals is happy to answer any questions you might have about your options and make recommendations of particular models.

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The New Era of Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentist Cypress TXPatients who feel that their smiles are lackluster have a number of treatment options at their disposal for improving the smile’s aesthetics. The first step on your path to a more beautiful smile is to consult with a cosmetic dentist, who can recommend a number of innovative interventions that address flaws in your smile.

For many patients, a dingy or yellow appearance of the teeth is a concern. These patients can be helped tremendously by teeth whitening treatments that use bleaching gels to release stains and other discoloration from the enamel of the teeth. The treatments provided by a cosmetic dentist are far more consistent and effective than products that can be purchased over the counter. Teeth whitening can be the sole intervention used to improve the smile’s appearance, or it may be the capstone on a smile makeover that combines a number of treatments.

Other patients may need to repair teeth damaged by chips or cracks in order to restore their smiles. Your cosmetic dentist may rely on a few different methods in order to do this. For example, dental bonding can be a highly effective, budget-friendly approach to address minor defects in the teeth. The bonding material is applied to the tooth and cured using a special light. Porcelain veneers are a more involved intervention that can be used for more extensive needs. These are tooth-shaped shells that are bonded on top of the biological teeth to conceal chips, cracks or deep stains that don’t respond to whitening. Porcelain veneers can also make a slightly crooked stretch of teeth appear properly aligned or make an undersized tooth look like it has the correct proportions to fit in with the rest of the smile.

For patients with more severely misaligned teeth, Invisalign can straighten them without obscuring your smile in the process. This system uses clear plastic trays to apply the desired forces to the teeth in order to reposition them.

Patients who need to have a tooth restored following extensive decay can benefit from another cosmetic treatment, porcelain crowns. These are tooth-shaped caps that slide on top of your biological teeth.

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a number of interventions to improve your smile’s appearance. Set up a consultation at our office to learn more about these treatments and how they can help you achieve your smile goals.

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