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What Kind of Bite Problems Can Invisalign Correct?

orthodontics CypressInvisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that gives you a straight, perfect smile without using traditional metal braces. This approach can correct a wide range of problems, from minor misalignment to serious bite problems. Our skilled dental team can determine if it is a good choice for your specific issues.

How Invisalign Works

Traditional braces use metal brackets that are affixed to the teeth to anchor rubber bands that apply pressure to pull the teeth into the proper position. By contrast, Invisalign uses plastic aligner trays to achieve the same goal. Each tray is shaped to move the teeth a small amount, and by the time you reach the last tray in the sequence, your teeth will be properly aligned.

These aligner trays are custom-made to fit your teeth exactly, and to move your teeth into exactly the right position. Each tray is worn for about two weeks. After the first two or three trays, you will be able to see a difference in the way your teeth look. When you have finished treatment, you’ll wear a retainer to keep your teeth from moving out of position over time.

Choosing Invisalign

Our team can help you determine if Invisalign is the best choice for your misaligned bite. Invisalign is usually recommended for less serious misalignment issues, while more serious bite problems are better managed with traditional braces. However, this is only a generalized guideline.

Invisalign could be a good choice for you if you have issues such as:

  • Overbite—when the front teeth protrude too far over the bottom teeth
  • Underbite—when the bottom teeth protrude too far over the top teeth
  • Crossbite—often looks much like an overbite on one side and an underbite on the other

Many people find plastic alignment trays more comfortable and easier to wear than traditional braces. They are also virtually invisible, so many adults prefer this option.

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Porcelain Veneers: Handcrafted Beauty for Stunning Smiles

veneers CypressOne of the most effective types of cosmetic dentistry treatment is a porcelain veneer. Veneers can give you a perfectly proportioned, natural-looking smile with the luster and coloration of real enamel. This treatment is also highly versatile, and is appropriate for a wide variety of cosmetic issues.

Choosing Porcelain Veneers

If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, your cosmetic dentist can determine whether veneers are an appropriate treatment. There are several advantages to this type of treatment. It is relatively non-invasive, as very little re-shaping must be done to the tooth to make room for the veneer. The veneer itself is very thin, and is custom made to fit your tooth exactly, as well as to achieve any cosmetic changes you wish to make in the tooth, such as making the tooth look symmetrical, larger, or more regularly shaped. The porcelain itself is color-matched to your tooth enamel so it will be virtually indistinguishable from untreated teeth next to it. The porcelain is partially translucent just like natural enamel, which also gives it a more natural appearance, unlike many types of crowns that give the tooth an opaque, “plastic” appearance.

Some issues commonly treated with veneers include:

  • Severe discoloration
  • Surface damage like pitting or cracks
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Minor misalignment
  • Slight gaps

Some of these issues require different treatment, such as more serious misalignment or gaps, so be sure to consult with your cosmetic dentist to determine the best treatment for your specific issues.

Treatment with Porcelain Veneers

Placing a veneer is generally accomplished in two dental visits. First, your teeth are prepared by removing a thin layer of enamel to make room for the veneer. Then a mold is made of your teeth, from which the permanent veneer will be manufactured. A temporary veneer helps protect your tooth while the permanent one is made at an off-site lab. When it is finish, it’s affixed to the tooth surface with a permanent adhesive.

To find out how you can benefit from veneers, contact our skilled dental team at 281-256-6866 today.