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Dental Myths that Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

dentist CypressOur dentist encourages you to visit the office every six months for a thorough cleaning and exam for optimum dental health. One of the biggest myths pertaining to dental care is that these frequent visits are not needed … dentists only want to see you this often for financial gain … Wrong. Patients that fail to see their dentist on a consistent schedule run a greater risk of sustaining dental decay and/or gum disease.

Bleeding gum tissue is common – Wrong. Patients using the wrong tooth brush (firm bristles) or exerting too much pressure (scrubbing vs. even pressure) may experience bleeding gums. Switching to a soft bristle brush or electric model should help. If gums continue to bleed, this may be a symptom of gingivitis. Failure to get to the bottom of bleeding gums can lead to gum disease.

Chronic bad breath is no big deal – Wrong. Halitosis can result from eating aromatic foods and drinking strong beverages, but when mouthwash or mints do not help it may be time to visit the dentist. Bad breath can mean many things from an infection to the onset of gum disease.

The only advantage to straight teeth is a nice smile – Wrong. When teeth are crooked there are areas for bacteria to grow. As bacteria increases, plaque builds. Without seeing the dentist a couple of times each year, plaque build-up can lead to dental decay or gum disease.

White teeth are healthy teeth – Maybe. Having white teeth does not provide a definitive answer as to the oral health of the individual. Brightened teeth that are naturally beautiful or receive their glow from teeth whitening products still rely on a daily oral hygiene regimen to maintain their good health.

Daily flossing and brushing can be skipped without a problem – Wrong. Okay, we all go to bed occasionally without brushing because of pure exhaustion. But that must be the exception if you want to maintain excellent oral health. A consistent hygiene regimen is needed to keep teeth and gums in great shape.

Tooth loss as you age is natural and expected – Wrong. Tooth loss happens for a variety of reasons … trauma, decay, or disease. But if excellent oral hygiene is maintained throughout your life, hopefully your teeth will sustain you for life.

Our dental provider is an asset to aid in great oral health. Call the office of Dr. Lori Logan and set up your next appointment.

Am I Still a Candidate for Invisalign If I’ve Had Braces?

orthodontics CypressMany children undergo teeth straightening when they are very young. If the patient endured orthodontics, but suffered a relapse, Invisalign may very well be the appropriate response to once again secure a smile makeover.

Quite often when teeth are straightened early, the youth may experience unforeseen changes:

Retainer – Once orthodontic treatment is completed, the patient must wear a retainer for a year or longer to solidify the correct teeth placement. If the child is very young, the discipline needed to make sure wearing the retainer as required may not be realized. Consequently, teeth may begin to shift back to an incorrect occlusion.

Removing braces too soon – Parents may succumb to the desires of their child to have braces removed before the desired effect has been achieved. This makes the importance of wearing the retainer more critical than ever.

Permanent teeth eruption – There are 20 primary teeth and 36 permanent teeth. As primary teeth are lost, permanent teeth take their place … as those permanent teeth come in a change in the bite may be experienced requiring additional orthodontic attention. [pullquote]Straight teeth mean more than just a beautiful smile. [/pullquote]

Early intervention – In many cases, a child is determined to require teeth straightening very early. For a lot of these cases, early intervention from our dentist may limit the time required later on to correct a malocclusion.

The wonders of Invisalign are many … if additional teeth straightening is needed after wearing braces, there are many advantages for selecting Invisalign:

  1. Braces are clear – This means the patient can have teeth re-straightened in a virtually undetectable fashion.
  2. Invisalign aligners are removable – This allows the patient to eat all the foods they love as the aligners are removed while eating snacks and meals.
  3. Oral maintenance – Is more easily achieved because aligners are removed for daily flossing and brushing. In addition, the aligners are removed for the dentist to thoroughly clean the teeth and perform an exam every six months to maintain excellent oral health.
  4. Comfortable – Unlike metal bands and brackets, Invisalign aligners will not result in abrasions to soft oral and gum tissue.

Straight teeth mean more than just a beautiful smile. A corrected occlusion helps to eliminate the spots where bacteria grow eliminating the potential for dental decay or gum disease.

If additional teeth straightening is required, Invisalign clear aligners provide a logical choice.

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