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Feeling Self Conscious About Your Smile?

smile makeover CypressThe smile is our way of greeting the world and those we meet in it. When that smile doesn’t meet specific needs, it can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and that can heavily influence the way people interact with each other. A cosmetic dentist offers smile makeovers that improve aesthetic conditions of teeth through the use of innovative, technologically advanced approaches including treatments that provide lasting benefits.

For teeth with minor needs where cosmetic procedures can improve color and appearance, teeth whitening treatments can instantly enhance the appearance of a smile and that enhancement can last for years with proper oral hygiene and self-care. To adjust minor gaps, misalignments, broken teeth, and discolored, uneven, or otherwise less attractive teeth, porcelain veneers or Lumineers can transform teeth with minimal effort and a short treatment timeline. These veneer enhancements are custom-made to fit each individual tooth and a skilled cosmetic dentist carefully bonds them to the teeth.

Bite, alignment, and minor functional issues can be corrected without braces, in the traditional sense, with Invisalign. Invisalign is a process that uses custom-designed aligner trays to gradually and permanently straighten teeth, close gaps, and adjust bite for orthodontic results without the hardware. Many patients combine Invisalign with professional teeth whitening for a smile makeover. If the teeth whitening is insufficient, due to certain types of enamel stains or damage, Invisalign can be combined with veneers at the end of treatment for the improved bite and alignment with Hollywood-style smile results.

In cases that require more extensive repair, dental implants, CEREC crowns, and other services can be combined with cosmetic procedures for desirable results. Discussing complaints, problems, and goals of treatment with a qualified dentist can make a difference in the way treatment options are perceived. Some patients don’t realize the variety of affordable options that are available. For details, information, and to arrange an appointment, contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan today!

When is a Dental Sealant Recommended?

dentist CypressA dental sealant is a preventive technique used by a dentist to reduce risk of cavities in molars and other heavily grooved teeth. The sealant is typically placed over the top surface of the teeth, the part that has the greatest contact with food. Due to the grooved surfaces of the target teeth, food particles can become trapped and difficult to clean, increasing likelihood of decay. The dental sealant stops this before it happens.

To prepare the teeth, dentists typically apply a dental sealant after a professional cleaning and checkup appointment. The sealant is applied in the same fashion as tooth-colored fillings, with an etching substance applied to teeth to dry and etch the surface for a better bond. The composite sealant is applied to the top surface or chewing surface of the teeth and worked into the grooves then cured with a UV light. The finished sealed tooth is protected from contact with food on the sealed surface, and the sealant also makes it difficult for plaque to buildup and become tartar. [pullquote]A dental sealant is a preventive technique used by a dentist to reduce risk of cavities in molars and other heavily grooved teeth.[/pullquote]

Most dentists agree that the best time to apply a dental sealant is shortly after the permanent teeth have emerged. For the first molars, this is usually around 6-years-old for children, with the second molars coming in around 12-years-old and the third molars, or wisdom teeth, in the later teen years. The sealant not only helps to protect the teeth, but also improves future dental checkups.

It is important to note, however, that dental sealants do not prevent all cavities from forming as only the top of the tooth is sealed. Without sufficient daily flossing and brushing, and maintaining regular checkups and professional cleaning appointments with a dentist, cavities can develop between teeth or along the gumline. To learn more about caring for teeth so they last a lifetime, preventing cavities, and dental sealant options, contact our office at 281-256-6866 today.