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Will I still have to wear a retainer after Invisalign?

orthodontics CypressInvisalign clear aligners are fabricated and worn to repair a dental malocclusion. Once teeth are straightened, the best way for the teeth to solidify their new position following orthodontics is to wear a retainer. The purpose of the retainer is to hold teeth in place until they have formed a “memory” of their new, corrected location.

A retainer resembles a mouth guard. A retainer is made to fit your teeth and your new bite. It is intended to prevent your teeth from drifting back to their original position. Failure to wear a retainer following orthodontics may result in years of treatment to be for naught.

Patients seeking teeth straightening will consult with their dentist; photographs, x-rays and dental impressions are taken to allow the Invisalign laboratory to create a series of aligners designed to correct a dental malocclusion. [pullquote]Failure to wear a retainer following orthodontics may result in years of treatment to be for naught.[/pullquote]

Your Invisalign dentist will have worked with the Invisalign laboratory fabricating the series of clear aligners that will be updated every couple of weeks throughout treatment. Each aligner will gently guide teeth to correct your overbite, under bite or cross bite. Depending on the severity of the malocclusion, teeth straightening can be corrected in as little as six months, but some cases will take longer.

The Invisalign patient completes teeth straightening with many advantages:

  1. Invisalign aligners are clear so treatment is virtually unnoticed.
  2. Aligners are removable. This allows the patient to eat all the foods they love throughout treatment. And because the aligners can be taken out, patients are able to brush and floss without the encumbrance standard metal braces can place on the daily hygiene routine.
  3. Without metal bands, brackets, and wires the patient does not suffer from oral abrasions.

Once the aligners have completed their task of straightening teeth, your dentist will advise the patient to wear a retainer. Immediately following treatment completion, the retainer is designed to be worn for up to a year. The patient may be asked to wear the retainer day and night initially. Eventually, the time for wearing will be shortened to perhaps wearing just at night.

If there are concerns that teeth may drift, wearing the retainer may be extended. However long the patient wears the retainer, they will be able to enjoy a lifetime of smiles with teeth straightened and held in place.

Contact the office of Dr. Lori Logan for more information about taking care of your new smile after Invisalign treatment.

Enjoy Safety and Convenience with Digital X-rays

dentist CypressDental X-rays play an important role in evaluating a patient’s dental health. Like other medical specialties, diagnostic imaging allows doctors to see beyond what is only visible to the eye. To help increase patient safety and convenience, our dentist offers digital X-rays.

The Role of X-rays in Dentistry

Our dentist takes X-rays during dental examinations such as bitewing X-rays that show the position of teeth, their roots, and how the upper and lower sets of teeth line up when the mouth is closed. For most patients, X-rays that are more comprehensive are taken every two years. These X-rays capture images of the jawbones, neck, and craniofacial region in more detail than bitewing X-rays.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Digital radiography offers convenience by producing digital images and additional safety with reduced exposure to radiation waves. Using a digital sensor to capture images, digital X-rays to not require radiographic film to produce images. Instead, captured images are displayed on high-definition monitors. This allows our dentist to view your X-rays in detail while also being able to zoom in and out on all images. Our dentist often displays your X-rays on monitors to explain the state of your oral health and the types of treatments necessary to improve your wellbeing. Digital X-rays are a great tool for patient education.

An additional benefit to this technology is reduced exposure to radiation for patients. While radiation exposure with traditional radiography is minimal, digital X-rays emit up to 90% less radiation. This allows our team to reassure our patients that we value their health and safety.

Digital X-rays are also environmentally friendly because radiographic film to develop images is no longer required. Furthermore, X-rays can be easily sent to other dental professionals and doctors, if necessary. This technology improves record keeping as well because all records are stored digitally for easy access later.

To learn more about our advanced technology or to schedule an appointment with our dentist, contact our friendly team at 281-256-6866 today.