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Dental Crowns: How Long is the Process?

You want to restore your smile with the help of a dental crown – or a cap that looks like a tooth. However, you have meetings to run. You have the kids’ soccer practices to attend, and you have personal business to take care of. The last thing you want to do is keep going back and forth to the dentist’s office. However, same-day crowns are now available: The entire dental crown process can take place all in a single day so that you can quickly get back to living your life, with a new smile.[pullquote] CEREC is a machine that allows the dentist to design, form and permanently bond the crown in your mouth in one day. [/pullquote]

You may need a porcelain crown if your tooth has been cracked or if a large portion of your tooth is damaged and cannot be filled. In addition, your dentist will often instruct you to get a crown after you have had a root canal treatment, which can weaken your original tooth. Crowns also can be used to complete a dental bridge or a dental implant – two other tooth replacement options.

In the past, you may have had to make at least a couple of trips to the dentist in order to get a crown placed in your mouth: One appointment was needed to get an impression of your tooth made and a temporary crown placed, and the second appointment was needed to try on your new crown. If the crown did not fit, a third appointment may have been necessary. However, with today’s CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology, your dentist can create a crown for you in one sitting.

CEREC is a machine that allows the dentist to design, form and permanently bond the crown in your mouth in one day. The dentist will take a digital picture of your tooth and then manipulate it to create your crown. You will participate in the process by helping to determine the crown color and shape based on your desires. Then, the CEREC machine will create the final crown. An hour later, the dentist will place cement between your original tooth and the new crown, and you can be on your way.

The CEREC machine is fast and accurate. As a result, you quickly end up with a crown that will last for years. Getting a crown truly can be a convenient procedure that doesn’t take up so much of your valuable time. Get ready to smile and chew normally again in just a day’s time. Contact us to find out more about our CEREC solution today.

Porcelain Veneers Create Stunning Smiles

You look at yourself in the mirror and smile, but every time you smile, you end up frowning. You simply don’t like the appearance of your front teeth, and you wish you could fix them for good. With porcelain veneers, you truly can claim the stunning smile that you’ve been missing for a long time or maybe the attractive smile you’ve never had.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are placed on your front teeth to give your teeth strength in addition to making them look beautiful. These veneers can help you to alter several aspects of your teeth, including:

  • Tooth shape/contours
  • Tooth size
  • Tooth color
  • Gap between teeth
  • Fractured teeth

When you arrive for your porcelain veneer consultation, your cosmetic dentist will first analyze your smile to determine the best way to improve it. You may try on veneers in order to get an idea of how they look in your mouth.

During the porcelain veneer procedure, your dentist will remove some of the enamel – the hard covering of a tooth – from the front teeth that you are treating. This ensures that your new porcelain veneers will have enough space to fit onto your teeth. Then, a resin will be placed between your new veneers and your teeth. The dentist will use a curing light to make the resin hard.

Veneers are particularly ideal solutions if your teeth are stained and bleaching treatments seem to have no effect on them. In addition, if you have problems related to your bite/your teeth overlap, veneers can be a relatively non-invasive fix.

Veneers are advantageous because they look like your real teeth, and unlike a crown, a veneer does not require your natural tooth to be altered in a major way as part of the treatment. Start smiling again when you look in the mirror. Contact our experienced dental team to learn more about how we can help you to feel comfortable in your smile once again or embrace your smile for the first time ever. Call 281-256-6866 to schedule your professional consultation today.