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Teeth Whitening: Is it possible to have a brighter smile?

Often times, all it takes is a brighter smile to brighten your day. Enhancing your smile with teeth whitening can give you a whole new outlook, changing the way that you feel about yourself and influencing the way that other people respond to you. Regarding most of the factors that are known to make your smile seem dull, it is absolutely possible to bring it back to life.

All teeth whitening procedures and products are not created equally, which is why it is so important to seek advice from your dentist for the best results. A dental professional can evaluate the shade of your teeth and the reason for the discoloration in order to put you on the right track. The quality of the results will depend heavily upon the use of the right products and the right technique. [pullquote]All teeth whitening procedures and products are not created equally, which is why it is so important to seek advice from your dentist for the best results.[/pullquote]

Generally, all whitening products contain the same active ingredient – hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. It’s the ingredient that is responsible for safely oxygenating your enamel and bleaching out the compounds that have stained your teeth. However, whitening products that are purchased in the drugstore, on the Internet, or at the mall kiosk may not be as strong or of the same quality as those that are available in the dental office. Professional strength products are formulated and tested to be used under the supervision of a dentist.

The way that whitening products are applied to the teeth can also influence the brilliance of your smile. Again, the expertise of a dental professional is essential since the whitening solution must remain in contact with the enamel for a specified period of time. Loose-fitting bleach trays, mouthrinses, and paint-on products are unlikely to produce the most predictable and consistent results. Fortunately, the dental team is trained to administer the whitening products correctly.

Yes, it’s true that you can have the bright smile that you want. Just contact our dentist, Dr. Lori Logan, to discuss professional teeth whitening.

Subtle Straightening with Invisalign

Very few people are born with perfectly straight teeth. While mild to moderate alignment concerns may not pose an immediate threat to your health, you have every right to desire a straighter, more attractive smile. For the millions of patients who are interested in correcting minor crowding or spacing problems, Invisalign orthodontics have been an effective and satisfying solution.

Subtle straightening can be achieved without making a huge production of metal bands, wires, and rubber bands. The orthodontic methods of the past can be bypassed in favor of an alternative that is free of metal components, more comfortable, and far more attractive. Plus, when your treatment is driven by an esthetic or cosmetic desire, your teeth can be straightened much faster than you would probably expect.

Most Invisalign cases can be completed in about a year. Some of the cases can be completed in just a few months! What’s not to love about straighter teeth and a shorter treatment time?

The concept for achieving orthodontic success with Invisalign is only possible with the help of cutting edge technology and your dedicated cooperation. To begin, your dentist will collect information about your smile by way of a thorough consultation, dental x-rays, and impressions of your teeth. This data will then be forwarded to the world-class Invisalign facility where an entire series of clear aligners will be molded to fit your teeth.

When the aligners have been shipped to your dentist, you will be instructed to wear each set of trays for a specified period of time before transitioning to the next set. Ultimately, your teeth will be gently pushed into place to reveal a more orderly smile. Your dedication to wearing the aligners at least 22 hours each day (only removing them for meals and brushing) will be the key to achieving the results that you expect.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. To learn more about making subtle changes with Invisalign, contact the dental office of Dr. Lori Logan at 281-256-6866 for a consultation today.